Super Mario Crossover 2


Super Mario Crossover 2


Super Mario Crossover 2 is another entertaining game of the Mario games. ExplodingRabbit has created this game. This game is a sequel to Super Mario bros. The main character of this game is Mario, but there are several other characters. This game shows some characters with different abilities.  If you have already played some other Mario games, then you know the characters. In this game, you just reveal all the characters together.

And this fact makes the game more interesting. The main character Mario leads all other characters of this game. As already stated, that different characters have different abilities, so it is evident that the player can easily use some characters in this game. On the other hand, some characters are difficult to use in the game. The best part of this game is that you can choose one important character from these different characters according to your needs.

Super Mario Crossover 2 is a favorite game for the crazy game lovers. Some popular characters of this game are Mario, Simon, Samus, Bill R. But among them, Mario is the most attractive character. He plays the most important role in this game.  Simon is also an interesting character who can quickly run and jump over the obstacles of the opponents. Even he can use axes to defend the opposing party. In this game, the numbers of axes of Simon increase with the increasing number of the flowers.

So Super Mario Crossover 2 is a good game to enjoy some new features with some different characters.

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